Our culture

Soovi. store’s culture can explain how we work, our values, our people, how we treat our customers and much more.


Our message to the team is to strive to learn new things every day. Even the most creative business leaders recognize that success is not just about marketing or sales. It’s also, and perhaps more important, about caring more than other companies about customers, colleagues, how the organization conducts itself in a market with endless opportunities to compromise on values.

We believe that any business can’t be special, distinctive, and compelling in the marketplace unless creating something special, distinctive, and compelling in the workplace. According to that, we shape the company culture to appear in our work environment. Our work environment is friendly and not formal like traditional companies.

Our values

Trust and credibility

We always try to achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust. We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and enable them get exactly what they need.

simplifying every detail

We always try to achieve customer satisfaction, By Simplifying every single detail in his experience with Soovi. by providing him many important services like: "installment, guarantee, and different payment methods

Comfortable & fast

We always try to achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust. by doing our best to make him feel comfortable with an easy way to order his device and to reach him fast


Our employees can simply feel free to wear casual clothes when attending to work. They’re not forced to be sharp on time or wearing formal. Their jobs are mainly about their tasks not their time. Their salaries are more than the average in the market.

First interview helps us to understand every candidate capability, thoughts and how he can deal with work pressure. This interview isn’t formal or traditional. It can be simplified in discussions and suggestions.

Our interns can enjoy many benefits as they are given high salary compared to their same position in the market as being interns. They are being trained on the whole work cycle to clearly understand all operations before being employed. While working, they can learn more things from other team members.

Our perfect employee should well understand our community aspects. It’ll be useful for them to understand startups mentality. This will make it easy for them to deal with our customers and keep up with market changes. He should be quickly to finish many tasks within as short as time. He should be always passionate to learn and search for new things to develop his own career.


t’s clear that not everyone can afford a brand new laptop, and in some cases, going for a fairly used laptop is the only realistic option the customer has. Within personal communications, customers can explain their pain points, needs and all additional details. This will support us in providing the most suitable device for their budget and needs.

We do our best to reduce the risk of making a bad purchase. Our culture bring our brand to life in many situations. We give our customers some tips for things they should check before spending their cash on a used computer. Our relationship with customers is friendly, including discussions, free services and more details. As many customers often need our help to download programs they need.


Our culture is highly related to our mission to offer trusted pre-owned laptops at affordable prices. On an ongoing basis, we try to provide as much as options for our customers. We take into consideration that they have a specific needs and budget. So, we offer all the benefits that come with a new laptop, with affordable prices. We strive to offer a wide range of pre-owned laptops.

Filtration system to make the right purchase

About our Filtration Process : In order to provide our customers with only the best laptops, in terms of hardware and software, our engineers conduct an intensive filtration process, through which they pick only Grade A laptops. The second step is a thorough check-up of each laptop, following an inclusive checklist of all hardware and software components. And Finally, the Packing and packaging process and then give it to our delivery representative.
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